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Ellen Tracy Sportswear is for the woman who lives in the moment, not for the moment. Our collection is polished, inspired and dynamic, as is the woman who wears it. She's a 21st century woman who sees change as a good thing, a great thing, in fact… mandatory. Like her, we have a high regard for the details. We believe life is about the intangibles. The way the right fabric feels on your skin, how you enter a room stronger in a great pair of heels, the stories you retell at the end of the day. We know its better to give attention than to get it. That being interested is what makes you interesting. We believe style comes not only from what you wear, but what you do, who you are, and who you aspire to be.


Home. Nothing is more important to the Ellen Tracy woman. Home is where her family is, where memories are made, where she can most be herself. She craves both comfort and style, and is not one to sacrifice form for function, or vice versa. From the mirror she uses to put on her finishing touches, to the heart of the house where something's always cooking, we offer her fresh interpretations and nostalgia-worthy patterns. And always with the most innovative technology and newest fabrications to help make her complicated life, a little less so. Home. Just like the Ellen Tracy woman, there is nothing like it.

Cold Weather

The Ellen Tracy woman takes the seasons in stride. She is prepared for whatever the weather brings whether it's a walk in the first snow of the year or holiday shopping. The cold weather collection brings together the parts of winter that make the season special: togetherness, warmth and family. The charismatic pieces are made of the most beautiful winter materials. The touchable and flattering cold weather wear keeps her warm so she can enjoy the season with the people she cares about most.

Small Leather Goods

Good things come in small packages. The Ellen Tracy woman enjoys fashion and creating new looks for herself. Accessories enable her to do just that. Leather goods are versatile: they add polish, pull a suit together, or accentuate a silhouette. With their beautifully crafted details, small leather goods give casual dress an air of refinement and business clothes a unique accent. She knows how to mix it up and adding a new accessory is one of her favorite ways to update tried-and-true looks.


Life is a journey. And like all great explorers, the Ellen Tracy woman knows that getting there is just as important as the destination itself. Whether an over-night business trip or an over-due romantic get-away, Ellen Tracy luggage lets her arrive in style. Our diverse assortment is meticulously crafted to be strong and resilient, much like a certain someone we know. And while the shapes and sizes are standard, the look is anything but. Our chic and sophisticated designs allow her distinct personality to soar, both on the ground and flying 30,000 miles above it.


The Ellen Tracy woman craves both structure and spontaneity, the familiar and the unknown. She needs core items to dress the part, as well as fresh looks to mix it up, for which our Dress Collection does not disappoint.

Whether solo or topped with an elegant jacket, we dress her from board meeting to the school play, from cocktails in the grand ballroom to an intimate dinner for two. Our dresses range from polished and uncomplicated to scene stealing and of the moment.


For the woman who knows life is about finding balance, Ellen Tracy serves it up in a multi-faceted outerwear collection.

From uncomplicated, every-day pieces to striking silhouettes, we have her covered. Our diverse assortment of styles and fabrications span the seasons, allowing her to brave the elements as well as the occasion; from lunch with the girls, to a benefit dinner, to getting lost in a 4 hour walk. Whether the focus is waists, collars, hemlines or embellishments, craftsmanship is always key, as high-end wools, leathers, innovative hardware and intricate stitch detailing appeal to this woman's classic yet undaunted sense of style.


Today's woman asks a lot of her handbags, and Ellen Tracy answers the call. Our handbags are designed to complement not only what she's wearing, but what she's thinking and feeling. We dote over fabrications, we covet fresh colors and one-of-a-kind prints. From classic and refined to the season's "it" bag, our collection is innovative, energetic and multi-faceted, much like the woman who carries them. In fact, we consider the handbag a woman's best friend. Sorry, diamonds.


For day or night, Ellen Tracy's Jewelry Collection is beautiful and irresistibly wearable. Each finished piece showcases the natural beauty of its materials. The Ellen Tracy woman brings glamour to everything she does; wearing Ellen Tracy's line of jewelry is just one way she does this. Classic materials are transformed into breathtaking pieces that highlight her polish and sophistication and, most importantly, make her happy.


Our Eyewear Collection meets the Ellen Tracy woman's ever-evolving needs, whether she is in the mood to blend in or stand out. As always, the collection is rooted in our iconic American heritage; modern shapes, impeccable craftsmanship and details, details, details.

Seasonal additions are injected to reflect what we are loving at the moment: oversized, angular, a fantastic print, metal trim or lustrous beading. And of course, color.

As a whole, the collection delivers sophisticated options for the Ellen Tracy woman, allowing her eyewear to live up to her individualistic style.


Fragrance is the embodiment of who you are. It enters the room before you and stays an extra moment after you've gone. We believe there is no more intimate a decision than the scent a woman puts on her body. The Ellen Tracy philosophy is to be singular yet surprisingly familiar, dynamic yet indefinable, memorable but not over-powering. Just as she is a blend of character, strength and optimism, our fragrances bring together the most exquisite elements nature has to offer. Allowing her inner beauty to blossom and be felt on the outside, essentially.


The Ellen Tracy woman knows that true beauty comes from within. And sometimes… underneath. Our Intimates Collection provides this extraordinary woman with all the style, comfort and support she needs, literally. From the highly functional unsung heroes, to the drop-dead gorgeous, flat-out fabulous, Ellen Tracy Intimates are her secret weapon…. Secretly helping her feel beautiful, sensuous, sophisticated, and self-assured. Which, underneath it all, is what it's all about..


The Ellen Tracy woman has high standards for the garments she places closest to her skin - she expects style, support, and above all, comfort. Our Sleepwear Collection is as dynamic as the woman who wears it.

With options ranging from slumber-ready sleepwear to romantic lingerie, she's ready to enjoy a late breakfast in bed in a comfy chemise, and confident enough to pick-up the morning paper in her beautiful silk robe. Practical, yet sexy - every woman wants to feel beautiful beneath her clothes ... and now she can!


The Ellen Tracy woman does a whole lot of living. Which in turn means walking, standing, waiting, shopping, socializing, mommy-ing and chasing…to name a few. But don't think for a minute this means she is willing to compromise on style. Which is why our Footwear Collection marries feminine sophistication with, it's true, comfort.

Wearable heel heights and flexible outsoles allow her to live every moment of her life with ease and grace. The designs range from timeless classics to seasonal obsessions. All the while, maintaining the artisan quality and attention to detail she has come to expect from Ellen Tracy.